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Races and Factions

It's time we shed some light on the playable races in Tyradia, and the factions that they swear fealty to. There are eight playable races in Tyradia, with four races per faction, each unique yet balanced. The two alliances, Caer Thulmin and Naz Gorfuung, are statistically balanced against each other, but are very different in culture, appearance, and lore.


Caer Thulmin

Caer Thulmin is the alliance of the southern kingdoms of Cheris, Gaden, Ongror, and Seravel. Most dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans of Tyradia are loyal to Caer Thulmin.
This faction is ruled by the oligarches of the Southern Council: Governor Calec of Cheris, Jarl Hathgond of Ongror, King Agdreth of Gaden, and Theledir Tirth of Seravel.
Caer Thulmin’s ultimate goal in the Second Great War is to establish a continental empire over all of Tyradia, and relive the glory days of the old Tyradian Empire.
Concerning the Underworld Crisis, Caer Thulmin’s goals are to undo the destruction the Black Horde has caused and to reclaim Isdagor for the southern folk.

Naz Gorfuung

Naz Gorfuung is the dominion of the northern kingdoms of Darsharel, Ithrag, Menkoln, and Teraglee. Most drow, goblins, kobolds, and orcs of Tyradia are loyal to Naz Gorfuung.
This faction is ruled by the members of the Council House: King Ongrash of Menkoln, Marfeglir Dhiril of Darsharel, Master Raza-Kel of Teraglee, and Throne Uuldob of Ithrag.
Naz Gorfuung’s ultimate goal in the Second Great War is to establish a continental dominion over all of Tyradia, and shift Tyradia’s political and economic centers to the north.
Concerning the Underworld Crisis, Naz Gorfuung’s goal is rid their kingdoms of the Black Horde’s presence and to use the crisis as a foothold for their goals in the Second Great War.


The Black Horde is the war machine of the Underworld, and is an enemy to all things living. Most undead and demonic creatures, including ghouls, skeletons, ghosts, wraiths, wights, demons, and imps are sworn to serve the Black Flame.
This faction is ruled by Gulgoth, better known as the Black Flame, a lich who rules the Underworld with an iron fist and an instinct to destroy the living.
The Black Horde has no involvement in the Second Great War, but Gulgoth fears what would happen if the two opposing armies would set aside their differences and unite against a common enemy (that enemy, of course, being him).
Concerning the Underworld Crisis, the Black Horde’s goal is to overwhelm and destroy the world of the living and cause ruin and chaos upon the creation of Anir.



Drow are the dark elves of the kingdom of Darsharel, and have arguably the most influence in Naz Gorfuung. Drow stand five to six feet high, with gray-blue to black skin and firey red eyes. Their ears are pointed like those of their brethren the elves, and their long, straight hair ranges from black to white in color.


Dwarves are the stout and short folk of the kingdom of Ongror, and are loyal to Caer Thulmin in hopes of retaking Isdagor from the Black Horde. Dwarves stand three and a half to four and a half feet high, but are often stronger than men. Dwarf men always have beards or some sort of facial hair.


Elves are the fair woodland folk of the kingdom of Seravel, and are renown far and wide as the best archers and rangers in Caer Thulmin. Elves stand five to six feet high, with pointed ears and fair skin. Their straight or wavy hair is always worn long and loose, even on males, and their eyes are green, blue, violet, or silver.


Goblins are the short and crafty cave-dwellers of the kingdom of Ithrag, and use their muscle for Naz Gorfuung. Goblins stand three and a half to four and a half feet high, and are nearly as stout as dwarves. Their ears are pointed and downward-facing, and their noses are large and pointed. Their skin ranges from green to brown in color, and their hair is black or gray.


Halflings are the small and dextrous race of the kingdom of Cheris, and have taken up arms for Caer Thulmin - a rare occasion indeed, when halflings go to war. Halflings stand three and a half to four and a half feet high, and are much thinner than dwarves, resembling human children.


Humans are the influential and versatile race of the kingdom of Gaden, and arguably have the biggest voice in Caer Thulmin. Humans stand five to six feet high and have fair skin, though they are greatly varied in all aspects.


Kobolds are the small lizard-folk of the kingdom of Teraglee, and have been victims of slavery, oppression, and poverty for as long as they can remember. Kobolds stand three and a half to four and a half feet high, males having short horns on their eye ridges and females with flexible spines draping down like hair.


Orcs are the green-skinned once-primitive people of the kingdom of Menkoln, and are the most numerous race in Naz Gorfuung. Orcs stand five to six feet high and have green to brown skin. Their ears are slightly pointed, similar to a halfling’s ears rather than an elf’s, and their noses are often pig-like. Two or four of their lower canine teeth protrude out their lip, and their jaws are jutted forward.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about the races that are planned for Tyradia, but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment. There are two races yet to be announced, as well.


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