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Tyradia is a 3D hack-and-slash sandbox RPG, currently under independent development by Red Dawn Games. Tyradia will feature freeform sandbox gameplay, a dynamic open world, and action-oriented hack-and-slash combat. Players will be able to choose from two factions and eight races, and progressing through 30 useful skills to create the perfect character. No level cap means unlimited character progression, and a way to really stand out as the greatest of the great.

Two opposing factions battle for control over the continent of Tyradia. The races of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings of the south have formed the alliance of Caer Thulmin in wake of the Second Great War, a terrible conflict against the armies of orcs, drow, goblins, and kobolds in the dominion of Naz Gorfuung. During this war, a great evil was unearthed, and the Underworld's Gate was opened. Tens of thousands of undead poured out of the portal, and invaded the world of the living. The Black Horde, as the undead legions became known, now threatens the lives of Tyradia's living races.

Tyradia's world will be dynamic and ever-changing, allowing players to leave a permanent mark on the world by building houses and structures, capturing territory, and completing procedurally-generated dynamic quests and tasks.

Players are free to become whatever they choose, from a warrior, to a brawler, to a berserker, to a guardian, to an archer, a scout, a thief, a priest, mage, scholar, enchanter, alchemist, hunter, carpenter, cook, farmer, woodcutter, mason, miner, smith, tailor, politician, merchant, or bard, to a herdsman, or any amount or combination of these.

Tyradia places a large emphasis on crafting and trade - an evident fact considering that of Tyradia's 30 skills, only 13 are directly focused on combat. This does not mean that Tyradia will have a poor combat system. As a matter of fact, Tyradia's combat system will be action-oriented and based on timing more than a player's level.

Using an action-oriented hack-and-slash design, combat in Tyradia will be exciting and active. With a melee weapon, you must swing or lunge in the correct direction and at the correct distance to damage your opponent. Using a ranged weapon, you must draw, aim, and fire, taking into account realistic arrow physics and gravity. Spellcasters have a wide variety of spells at their disposal, and must cast the right spell at the right time for maximum effectiveness.


  • A fully-dynamic open world, with an ever-changing story.
  • Singleplayer, multiplayer, and massively multiplayer gameplay modes.
  • Sandbox gameplay - the players are free to do whatever they like in a dynamic world.
  • No character classes, allowing players to be what they want to be
  • Action-oriented combat system where a player’s skill matters.
  • Advance in 30 useful skills and become legendary.
  • No level cap, allowing players to truly stand out as the greatest of the great.
  • Open-ended crime system - not everything is without consequence.

Red Dawn Games is a small independent game development studio, owned and operated by a handful of teenagers who share a common passion. We're not looking to make money, but to make a unique and enjoyable sandbox RPG. Eventually, Tyradia will allow for massively multiplayer, though for now we are developing it as a single-player title.

We hope you'll join us in our dream, and you can do that by suggesting ideas and staying tuned to the game, or by donating, so that we can purchase assets and hire more developers to bring you the game faster. All supporters will be able to play either an alpha or a beta version of the game, as well as the full release version. Tyradia will be free-to-play upon full release of the game.



  1. Sounds good to me. I'm surprised not many know of it.

  2. sounds like fun, much excited

  3. Good luck on the development guys! I hope I can be playing your game someday