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Skills, Stats, and Leveling

First off, I'd like to sincerely apologize for not posting anything this summer. The fact is, Tyradia was worked on very little over the summer, and I'd like to apologize for that too. But things are in full swing again, and it's time to tell you guys about Tyradia's leveling and skills system.

Combat, Warfare, and Death

In Tyradia, combat is one of the most important aspects. We strive to create a hack-and-slash combat system that relies almost solely on the player's skill and timing, rather than on random numbers and levels. As well as a robust combat system, Tyradia will feature an advanced system for sieges, battles, and the capturing of enemy territory. Death will also be punishing, requiring you to play strategically and cautiously, wary of every move you make.

Races and Factions

It's time we shed some light on the playable races in Tyradia, and the factions that they swear fealty to. There are eight playable races in Tyradia, with four races per faction, each unique yet balanced. The two alliances, Caer Thulmin and Naz Gorfuung, are statistically balanced against each other, but are very different in culture, appearance, and lore.

What is Tyradia?

Tyradia is a 3D hack-and-slash sandbox RPG, currently under independent development by Red Dawn Games. Tyradia will feature freeform sandbox gameplay, a dynamic open world, and action-oriented hack-and-slash combat. Players will be able to choose from two factions and eight races, and progressing through 30 useful skills to create the perfect character. No level cap means unlimited character progression, and a way to really stand out as the greatest of the great.